Traffic Sources and its Types


In my earlier blog titled “Why Use Google Analytics”, I had talked about Google Analytics. And, my today’s topic is Traffic Sources. It is one of the reports that Google Analytics generates. Traffic Source provides an overview about all the different kinds of sources that send traffic to our websites. In other words, this report tells us how the visitors are getting to our sites and which marketing strategy is working best for our website and which still needs some more effort.

Let’s take a look at the different traffic mediums. Basically, they are 3 in number:

  1. Direct Traffic – Direct Traffic represents those visitors that come directly to our website by using the below-mentioned mediums:
    • By directly typing the URL of our website
    • By clicking on a bookmark
    • By clicking on a click in an email or SMS.
  2. Referral Traffic – Referral Traffic represents those visitors that click a link on another website and land upon your website.
  3. Search engine Traffic – Search Engine Traffic represents those visitors that click on links available on the search engine result page of any search engine-be it Bing, Google, Yahoo! or any other search engines available around the world. This source of traffic is divided into two parts.
    1. Organic Traffic – It is very much related to keywords. Visitors type a keyword in the search box and click on any of the top ten links available on the search engine result page of any search engine. It is a natural traffic.
    2. Paid Traffic – It is the traffic you purchase by clicking on the ads available on the search engine result page.

    These are the main three or we can the major four types of traffic sources Google Analytics mention in its reports and we should be aware of all of them and make all adequate steps to get as much as traffic through them.

    • For Direct Traffic, take the help of Offline Marketing.
    • For Referral Traffic, Social Media Marketing can play a significant role.
    • For Organic Traffic, Content is the king and we can also take the help of relevant keywords.