Superstition Vs Reality


India is really Incredible. It is a country of 29 States and 7 Union Territories where around 22 dialects have talked the occupants. Here, on the one side, India made a mark in Mars with Mangalyaan in 2014, however, the opposite side of the coin demonstrates to us an entirely different picture. There is no doubt that the Indian economy has been advancing each year and many bold initiatives like Demonetisation, GST, Make-in-India, Digital India and Skill India, Housing for All, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Jan-Dhan Yojana, Surgical strikes in Pak occupied Kashmir have been taken and a lot more issues are still lying in the queue to be dealt with. For example, Terrorism Favouring Neighbours, Poor Education System, Rapidly Growing Population, Corruption, Sanitation, Debt Bondage on Farmers and Labourers, and a lot more. One of such issues is superstition. Everyone is being beaten by this bug called superstition, be it the glamour world, politicians, poor-villagers or knowledgeable dwellers of metro urban communities. Many imposters are making money in crores in the light of this superstitions and some of them are arrested and lying behind the bars on the grounds that the life of wrongdoing and criminal is not long. They are many imposters who are convicted of misappropriation of funds in the name of donations, illegally grabbing acres of land, tax evasion, rape, criminal conspiracy and even murder.

I want to bring up few questions here.

  1. How can someone play with the sentiments of people and how can we trust them blindly and let them do as such?
  2. If they are so powerful, why wouldn’t they be able to escape their concern by utilizing their forces?
  3. Why is a long list of impostors behind the bars today?
  4. Why don’t they take after their own preaching throughout their life before asking devotees to do so?
  5. When will we be able to get out of this superstition and ill-logical beliefs and concepts?

Every person has their own fate and nobody has the ability to transform it except you. Only you can change your own fate with hard work and persistence. Don’t fall for Dhongies. They will do nothing but make you penniless. Wake up before it is too late.