Stylish and Trendy Fashion Statements That Change Our Lifestyle

Stylish and Trendy Fashion Statements That Change Our Lifestyle

Fashion is something we deal every day. By nature, we are fashionable because of our inherent desire to see and to be seen. New and current styles in clothes, accessories, footwear and makeup help us in becoming more smart, attractive, fascinating and lovable. Fashion has overpowered each and every corner of the world. Moreover, it has reached to every single person, be it a celebrity or a commoner.

It is quite common for public figures like actors, musicians, politicians and business tycoons to create fashion statements with their clothing and styles. Musicians and actors have always influenced what we’re wearing, and so have political figures and royalty. Dressing sense of public figures is a style symbol which many of us may follow and it often becomes a hot topic of debate among critics and media.

Fashion is infectious and spread rapidly like wildfire. In earlier times, only women were concerned about fashion. Fashion has broken all its bars now and the influence it makes is no longer limited to any sex, age or class. Movies, celebrities, ads and magazines give us ideas about what to wear and what not to wear. Though, I think the street is the real barometer of style. More and more designers are drawing their inspiration from the street. A teenager wears something without thinking about it and it can trigger a new trend. But the direction of fashion relies on our reactions towards the new trends as well as on our choices and tastes. We can make our own fashion statements and inspire others. The outfit that suits us and makes us more stylish is itself a fashion statement for us.
The increasing demand of fashion is creating huge opportunities throughout the world. We prefer to buy clothing than any other thing and this increases its demand in the market as well as in the textile industry. Expert fashion designers and technologists are busy day and night to come up with new technicalities and creations in printing, textures and fabrics to meet the needs of the fashion-conscious people. Before reaching the consumers, fashionable articles go through numerous levels which include production, manufacturing, designing, marketing, transportation and retailing. Consequently, millions of tailors, fashion designers, cosmetic manufacturers, and retailers across the world have a booming business. If these millions of employees/employers did not have the fashion industry, many of them would have to face a much harder life and perhaps be thrown into debt.

Many times in the history, clothing had been used as a weapon. In the nineteenth century England, laws prohibited people from wearing clothes produced in France. During freedom fight in India, Indians prohibited British products and introduced Khadi as a fabric of freedom and an emblem of opposition against the capitalists. This act contributes immensely in changing our life by providing us freedom which is our basic right.

Fashion is about clothing but it is more about being comfortable with yourself and carry a cheerful attitude towards life. No one can say who has the potential to trigger new trends and who follows it. There is a bunch of people who never follows anyone, instead, make their own statement. But one thing is clear that we are all bitten by this bug called fashion. For many of us, fashion is beyond clothes as it helps for a living and for others it is a weapon. It is a small word with huge diversity.

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