School Days, A Sad Beginning


Teachers are the builders of the nation. They are those great people who share their knowledge and make our children capable of standing on their feet and turn them into big lawyers, army officers, doctors, engineers, IAS officers, KAS officers, astronauts, etc. But, what about those builders who are demolishing the nation, who does not suit their job.

We all have had influenced by bad teachers in our life. A good teacher can boost his/her student’s efforts to turn into a confident person and a not so good teacher can destroy his confidence in a classroom which the student would not be able to rebuild again in his entire life. I am not talking about college or university students, I am more concerned about the students of primary classes who are in their most crucial as well as formative years of their lives. Let’s take few situations where a teacher with a bad attitude can destroy and with good attitude establish his student’s life.

Sometimes students misunderstand the question and give the wrong answer over which the whole class laughs. Or, the other situation could be of a student who is not good at reading and one day his/her teacher asked him/her to stand up and read a story aloud in the class. The student stands up hesitantly but could not utter a word for the fear of getting laughed at. In such situations, a teacher plays a very crucial role and can give his students an unforgettable experience of their lives. A good teacher will certainly correct the students with a lot of enthusiasm and a bad teacher will join the class in making fun of him. Do you think after this the small child will ever raise his/her hand to answer the question again? Or, will he/she ever be able to read again? I don’t think so.

Teachers should never ever differentiate between their students on the basis of their parent’s financial status or occupation. Do you have any idea, what a student goes through when he/she makes a terrible or silly mistake in any subject and his or her teacher says that you are a dump or weak in studies because your parents are laborers or because your father is a shopkeeper? The student will certainly feel humiliated for being a laborer’s son for rest of his life. I think no punishment could be worse than this.

A teacher should work on much harder on her/his weak students than brilliant students. Only then we will be able to have a great nation because these students are our future. They are the one who will take care of everything we will have in our future. Be it administration, schools, IT companies, politics, defence forces, in fact, every single thing will be in their hands. So, take better care of them and motivate them to become better of themselves.

Sonam Changotra- I am a new girl in the world of Bloggers. Being an M.A in English Literature, started my career as an English Teacher and later as a Proof Reader and Editor for newsletters and other documents of a Private Company. Recently, I started my career in SEO and I am here to live my passion for writing as a Content Writer and Blogger.