Nurture Your Parents Just the Way They Nurtured You


Over the time, social media is no longer restricted to only entertainment and connecting people. We have been using this powerful medium for countless purposes and it has also been creating awareness about the various aspects of the world and our society that we may or may not be aware of. Today, I want to talk about a mother and her video which had shocked my mind completely.

One day, I was just scrolling down my Facebook page and a random video just came up. I used to watch all the videos shared by my Facebook friends so I watched this video as well. In this video, there is an old lady who is shunned by her family and forced to live on the terrace all alone without even a roof above her to bear all unfavorable weather conditions. No matter what the weather is, winter or summer, day or night, she has been living on the terrace from the past two and a half years. The assets her son has given her is a broken bed to sleep on, a tarpaulin to save herself from rain, two or three number of fully rusted utensils to eat.

One day, a kind-hearted girl living in the neighborhood complaint about the heart-wrenching condition of the old woman and shared a video as well and then a team went to rescue her and asked: “What happened mother?” She started crying miserable and replied, “I am all right, son.”
A mother’s heart is huge to hide her son’s misdeeds. But, how a son can do this to her own mother? Two years earlier, she had a hip injury but her medication is stopped because she is not getting her pension any longer and her son who is earning 40,000 per month can’t afford his mother’s medical bills. She can’t walk because of this hip injury so she crawls to move from one place to another. In hot summers, she keeps revolving around a drum along with its shadow to keep herself cool. Her family members including her son, grandson, daughter-in-law beat her up and don’t allow any relative to meet with her. The bed her son has given her is broken. He didn’t even bother to mend it before giving it to her mother who carried him in her womb for 9 months and sacrificed all comforts and born the unbearable labor pain to bring him to this world. Not only that, she carried him in his arms until he started walking on his own, protected him, cleaned his clothes, did all the mundane chores for him which every mother do without any expectations.

It is very sad that many men and women in their old age have been going through such torturous behavior of their own children. Many of them are thrown out of their house to live on streets and become beggars for their living. To defend this step, they say they have become very irritating. Really? Just sit for a while and think how much you had irritated your parents in your childhood. You peed in their lap, you puke in their hands, you asked for money to fulfill your desires which your parents may or may not afford but somehow they managed but never throw you out of their house. We can’t return our parent’s sacrifices but at least we can give them respect and love which they need the most. How can we refuse to nurture our parents who were always been with us to nurture us in our childhood?

To see all this, it seems that humanity no longer exists in this world. People have become heartless. Never forget, karma always play its part. Our children must be leaning that keeping parents in miserable condition is ok to do because this is what their parents had done to their grandparents. Wake up. The clock is ticking. Yet, it is not too late. Love your parents as they love you more than anything in this world. Give them respect and make their old age the best age of their life.

Sonam Changotra- I am a new girl in the world of Bloggers. Being an M.A in English Literature, started my career as an English Teacher and later as a Proof Reader and Editor for newsletters and other documents of a Private Company. Recently, I started my career in SEO and I am here to live my passion for writing as a Content Writer and Blogger.