How Latest SEO Updates Affect Business Websites?

How Latest SEO Updates Affect Business Websites?

There are a numerous number of active websites on the Internet today that come up with a lot of information for each of our queries. But have you ever wondered how do search engines index websites in its result page? Well, the automated programs called spiders and crawlers searches out Web pages that contain the keywords we are searching for and then assign a rank to each page based on various factors. Higher ranked pages appear on the first result page of search engines which means that the best links relating to our search query are the first ones in the search engine’s lists. This process of evaluation to find out helpful and most relevant information is tremendously important. Every website owner is running in this race of ranking to grab massive benefits like- worldwide and 24/7/365 accessibility, traffic, authentication, positive word-of-mouth and a lot more just by topping the search engine ranking list. All these advantages increase the pressure not only on SEO experts, to make their websites rank among the first ten web results, but also on Google, the most widely used search engine on the planet, to come up with the most relevant links and to filter out spammers.

Do you know Google can make websites disappear from its search results? One day, your website might be on the first page of the search engine and enjoying hundreds of visitors per day and the next it is just nowhere and all the benefits it was getting are also gone with it. Yes, it can happen. People use unmeant ways to make their web sites top ranked. That’s why Google use complex algorithms and keeps on tweaking its strategies. After every six months, Google unveils major updates that cause huge shifts in search engine rankings. The most frequent updates Google make are Google Panda which deals with the quality of content, Penguin which is specific about the quality of links and Hummingbird which deals with conversational search queries accurately. That’s why it becomes so important to learn the rules that work when it comes to Google. Google’s algorithms have matured greatly over the past few years; the fundamentals have yet not changed. The basics of page optimization are the first step to appear on the first page of Google.

Well, the list is ever-changing, but here are the few basics that you can keep in mind to avoid penalties by search engines:

  1. Always use original content
  2. Never accept links from spammed, disreputable sites and social networking accounts.
  3. Use your keywords in your domains, URLs, titles, headings and in your content but never use them over and over again especially in your content.
  4. Never use excessive anchor text in your content.
  5. Always make sure your content has zero broken links.

If you are just trying to create and publishing influential content to build relationships with your readers then instead of trying to figure out how to manipulate the Google algorithm for better rankings just concentrate on creating content that can influence readers and deserves to be on the first page and wait for Google to catch up and keep yourself updated with all new Google updates because even negligible mistakes can make the ranking of your website drop overnight. Always remember, all search engines’ ultimate goal is to move the best stuff to the top of the pile.

Sonam Changotra- I am a new girl in the world of Bloggers. Being an M.A in English Literature, started my career as an English Teacher and later as a Proof Reader and Editor for newsletters and other documents of a Private Company. Recently, I started my career in SEO and I am here to live my passion for writing as a Content Writer and Blogger.