Get Traffic With The Help of Various Submissions


The main aim of submission is to get noticed by search engines and eventually drive traffic to our website. Inbound links or backlinks play the most impactful role in enhancing the ranking of websites on the Search Engine Result Page. But, these backlinks are effective only if they are generating from high Page Rank websites. We do various type of submissions on those high PR websites. e.g. PPT Submission, PDF Submission, Blog Submission, Article Submission, Video Submission etc. All these submissions have the same impact, they all help us to get quality backlinks from high PR websites. So, we can say that we have been using every available medium of submissions to drive traffic to our website.

We can go for the below mention off-page SEO tools to drive traffic to our website:

1. Article Submission

Article submission is one of the most regularly used search engine optimization strategies. Article submission has been used since generations to acquire high-quality backlinks and improve organic search results for websites just by submitting articles to various high-quality article directories with high PageRank and good authority. Along with these directories and websites, we can also use social media for article submission. Well-written, informative, keyword-optimized articles are the keys to success in article marketing. We have to follow Google’s Penguin updates when it comes to any kind of content marketing or SEO.

2. Blog Submission

We all know that blogs can be used to promote businesses. It is a vital tool that helps in spreading information about our business. By frequently and consistently submitting interesting blogs in web directories, blog search engines and also in blog submission sites, we can get the attention of search engines which will in return generate more inbound links, drive traffic to our site and enhance its search engine ranking.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission is one simple tactic to generate backlinks.
All we need to do is to submit our link to the online directories. It is true that it will not provide much traffic but we will see an improvement in our search engine placement with this website optimization strategy.

4. Video Submission

People are more attracted towards visual content in comparison to other forms of content. Videos can make a huge impact on our search engine optimization efforts because when we will introduce our business ideas through interesting and informative videos audience will understand them better and it will generate their trust more in our brand. Like other mediums, video submission also has the same purpose and that is to give us high-quality backlinks from top video sharing networks. We can also use leading social media platforms for video submission and boost the visibility of our brand.

5. Image Submission

We can also use images to promote our website as it can help us in reaching the target audience. We have to be very alert while submitting images to Image Sharing websites. From SEO point of view, image submission is effective only when we will use all targeted Website Keywords. Never forget to use “alt”, “title”, “description”, “meta” tags while submitting images. Image Sharing is very effective as almost all search engines instantly index links from these websites.

6. PPT Submission

This is one of the marketing strategies to attract targeted traffic, get quality inbound links and maximize site’s visibility in major search engines. We can use visual content like text, images such as pictures and graphs in creating PPT Files and attract audiences more effectively.

7. PDF Submission

By creating PDF files of our articles, brochures, blogs etc and submitting them in leading directory sites and in PDF submission sites with high SEO rankings such as Scribd, SlideShare, Docstoc, 4shared, Calameo and Yudu can boost our website’s visibility. These submission sites are very helpful in attracting targeted visitors and generating backlinks.

8. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great SEO strategy we can use to get quality backlinks for our website and enhance its ranking on all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. It is a powerful medium to build social connections with people around the world. Social bookmarking can be done by submitting the URL of our website in high ranking social bookmarking sites such as Google Bookmarks, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and more. We should use unique titles and content descriptions to avoid duplication issues that generally erupt in social bookmarking.