You guys can’t deny that Baahubali is not a movie to comment on. Neither will I talk about the most discussed topic of the year “Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?” Numerous things about this movie have been discussed and many have stunned me as well and today, I simply need to share my explanations behind incorporating Bahubali in my most loved rundown of movies.

The movie reminded me Indian epic Mahabharata where the two groups of cousins, the Pandavas and the Kauravas fought for the throne of Hastinapura. Every single scene of Baahubali was as magnificent as Mahabharata itself is. The first thing which was quite impressive was its beginning. It started where it was ended. In fact, the title sequence was so beautifully illustrated that the one who had not seen the part 1 could easily relate to it. It acted as a bridge between the two sequels.

The character of Amarendra Baahubali and Devsena were exceptionally terrific. These two characters were god-like. They had not even a single flaw. Precession is the word for them. Whatever they did was always fair enough in terms of everything especially in terms of morals. How can we forget the scene when Shivagami asked Amarendra Baahubali to either choose the throne or Devasena, he chooses Devasena in the light of the fact he had promised Devsena that he will protect her honor no matter what and his mother had taught him to keep promises -”Humara Vachan Hi Hai Shasan”.  In both the sequels, Prabhas played the lead role, first as a son and later as a father. Both looked alike but we could easily differentiate between the two roles.

The role of Devsena was of no comparison. She was a princess of a very small estate, Kundan, in comparison with Mahishmati but she was high headed and not at all less than any other queen of any big kingdom. A fearless warrior who never failed to raise her voice against injustice. She gave many historic scenes for the movie. How can we forget the scene when she refused the proposal of Shivagami who was trying to impress her with money instead of with her son’s qualities? And, the 2nd one is again her argument with Shivagami in front of the whole assembly when Shivagami asked her to marry her son, Bhallal Deva, not only without knowing her consent but even after Devsena revealed in front of everyone that she wanted to marry Amarendra Baahubali. She remained in the main plot throughout the whole movie. Her role was flawless and Anushka Shetty gave full justice to her role with her sharp acting skills. She has always proved why is she S.S Rajamouli’s first preference.

Shivagami and Kattapa were human-like characters in the movie. They were the positive character with some flaws. Shivgami in the first part had not even taken a single wrong decision. First, she was a queen and later a mother but in the second part, she became bias towards her sons Bhallal Deva. She started thinking or feeling like a mother who had to give her son’s favorite toy to someone else and tried to compensate this with a new gift named Devsena. This twist in the role of Shivagami was required to give some dimension to the movie, though I liked her more in the first part. My favorite scene in the first part is her entry and the music at that scene was equally staggering. I had got goose bumps at that scene. Same was the case with Kattapa. He was faithful to the king or queen who reigns the throne of Mahishmati to such an extent that he was literally forced to kill Mahendra Baahubali by using his honesty as a weapon against him.

There were many scenes which are my top pick, however, I can’t specify every one of them. Other technicalities used in the movie helped it to get such love from audience everywhere throughout the world. The sound, especial effects, far-fetched imagery & vision used in this move increased present expectations of the silver screen for different geniuses in this show business.

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