Article Vs Blog


I have always been confused between two terms called blogs and articles. I find them similar to each other to such an extent that I could not differentiate between them. Then, one day during an interview, I faced rejection for these two terms. I was applying for the post of SEO analyst and this field was very new to me but I wanted to make my career in it. Very nervously, I attended the interview and the interviewer asked me a single question and after my reply, he asked me to leave the room and we will call you if you will be selected. You must be thinking what that question be. Well, the question was “Are Blogs and articles different or are they same? Obviously, I didn’t make in the interview but just after that I surfed the internet and grab some knowledge about it and today I want to share few points about them. I hope these points will help you in your life too.

Blogs Articles
1 Blogs are written in the first person Articles are written in second or third person.
2 Blogs can be addressed directly to you Articles cannot be written to address someone. They are generally written for everyone.
3 They are written in a casual and interactive style They are written in a refined and sophisticated style
4 Blogs are all about writer’s point of view on a particular topic Articles are all about the facts and researched about a particular topic
5 Blogs are made to share opinions Articles are made to share information.
6 Grammatical & spelling mistakes don’t make much difference. Articles should not have any grammatical & spelling mistake
7 No editor is required when it comes to blogs Editor check the article before posting or publishing it in a magazine
8 Blogs don’t have any Word limit. They can be long or short or of any length. It entirely depends upon the blogger Articles must have 300 words or more.

I hope the above mentioned pointed will help you and enhance your writing skill for your further content marketing campaigns.

Sonam Changotra- I am a new girl in the world of Bloggers. Being an M.A in English Literature, started my career as an English Teacher and later as a Proof Reader and Editor for newsletters and other documents of a Private Company. Recently, I started my career in SEO and I am here to live my passion for writing as a Content Writer and Blogger.